The Reason Why You Need Our Cute Multivitamin

Benefits of our Multivitamin

We hear an awful lot about multivitamins, but we rarely ever hear what taking a vitamin supplement daily does for our body. Below, our Cute Health and Beauty expert Pascha gave us a run through of why we should be taking these super pills every day and why you should start taking them today!

Inside these tiny tablets, we have premium A-Z vitamins and minerals that will benefit your energy levels, stress levels, overall health as well as your hair, skin and nails.
Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the most popular vitamins for women, and here’s why:
Vitamin C and E protect your immune system, improving your overall health as well as keeping that winter cold at bay!


These super-vitamins are used in most skincare products due to their high anti-aging factors. They keep the skin plump, keep wrinkles away, as well as giving a gorgeous, natural glow.

Vitamin C and E also neutralises free-radicals. Free radicals are toxic atoms within our body that can cause a lot of damage to our living cells. Vitamin C and E neutralise these atoms, stopping them from causing your body any damage at all.


Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 has many a benefit for our overall health, but it speeds up metabolism and skill cell turnover in both our hair and skin, allowing for quicker hair growth and revealing a younger you! Niacin also helps with brain function, improving concentration levels as well as lifting your overall mood and reducing stress levels.


Vitamin A is our most dominant vitamin within our Multivitamin due to it being the most powerful. The skin benefits are incredible (Vitamin A is known to cure any skin conditions from acne, to eczema, to psoriasis). It repels bacteria to stop your skin clogging up, as well as increasing skin cell turnover and fighting inflammation. Vitamin A also improves vision as well as bone, heart, lung, kidney and liver health… It’s a multi-tasker, hence the potency within our capsules.


Vitamin B6 is amazing for the phycological benefits. It boosts energy by helping the body convert food to fuel (glucose), as well as improving neurological health by increasing the transit to your brain, causing you to think and perform faster and more effectively.


Our multi-vit is also filled with B2, this helps the body repair itself quicker. Whether you’re hungover on a Sunday, or feeling a little under the weather, B2 helps to get your body back on track. We’ve then got B1 in our capsules which is vital to the functioning of our nervous system, as well as the muscle and heart function.

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