All you need to know about Hydration

Three main reasons to keep hydrated and why you should never neglect water.


Water helps you maintain normal body function.

Research has been carried out to find out why the body needs water to function in the correct way. Water has shown to speed up your metabolism & cleanse the body of toxins. Usual adults are around 60% water and therefore need to keep hydrated to ensure all functions are processing correctly. 


Water will lessen the urge for empty calories.

There have been a number of studies shown that people confuse hunger with dehydration and others have found that people will eat less if they are big water drinkers. Water won't stop you from eating junk food but it could assist you in giving you the fuller feeling. 


Water is your healthiest drink option.

From Fizzy drinks to fruit juices, alcoholic beverages to sports drinks all of which are primarily made up of a high sugar content or to be drunk in moderation or at certain times during activity. In most cases, if you’re going to buy a drink, water is your best choice.
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