I wanted to update you all on how I am getting on with my Cute Nutrition products since my last post. However before I go on I just wanted to clear something up, as it has been commented on a few times by a couple of girls....
I would NEVER, EVER post about a brand that I 1. Do not actually use, 2. Do not actually love and 3. Am promoting just for money. I feel like I needed to clear that up as I genuinely LOVE these products and it makes me so sad that I can't share something I love without being accused of it just being sponsored. I'll be clear as day with you guys, yes I work with the brand to share their products with you but you can have 100% faith that these are my honest opinions and I use there products almost every day! I very, very rarely do anything sponsored on my blog so it only ever happens if the product or brand has my total backing. That has been my blogs ethos from day one and its never changed.
Enough on that.... back to the post....
So as you all know I am on a massive health kick and lifestyle change to get rid of my body confidence issues once and for all and I have got to say I am feeling better than I ever have. Its so nice to actually find a health product that not only works with a busy lifestyle but actually WORKS! With so many brands out there these days all selling the same stuff, and believe me I've tried them all, it refreshing to find one I've actually stuck to! A lot of you have been asking me how exactly I use the Cute shakes so I thought I would remind you :)
Although these shakes are called 'meal replacement' this is not how I use them as I do not believe in replacing a meal as a balanced diet is so important. I tend to have 2 a day, one as a snack when I get cravings, especially sugar cravings as they get rid of them completely which is a god send as sugar is my weakness! Then I normally have one 30 mins before my dinner as it reduces my appetite so I eat a smaller meal but still feel just as full and satisfied. I have lost just over 11 pounds since I started using my Cute products 2 months ago, alongside going to the gym twice a week.
If you are also wondering which of their supplements I use on a daily basis, as I know supplements can sometimes be like a foreign language, I love their CLA and Dandelion Root. Perfect to help with fat loss.


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